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Listings are not in sale order - "Notice we start on time"

A & S Age & Source ~ BV Bangs Vaccinated ~ DF Drug Free ~ PO Preg Open ~ NI No Implants ~ HR Home Raised

We are getting consignments for our winter sales so if you have a date in mind and would like to discuss your marketing plans, please give us a call.

East River Consignors: There is some confusion on the legalities of bringing cattle west river to sell. All you need to do is sign an affidavit of ownership with the brand people at the sale barn. The cattle can have your brand, some other brand or no brand with no restrictions on selling them. If you have any questions or concerns feel fee to give us a call.

ALL weigh-up ewes, bucks, nannie & billies must have a scrapie tag before we can sell your animal.

Cattle Videos: Click on the Facebook or the You Tube buttons on the bottom of the page to view videos of cattle in our upcoming sales






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